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Providing effective PRESENCE for your Internet home page web site. Many Internet sites have content but do NOT have Presence.

Presence is NOT search engine optimization; rather, site web PRESENCE a noteworthy quality of poise and effectiveness - to project to your viewers a commanding presence.

Our services are based on over ten (10) years of success in developing PRESENCE programs for web sites. We are NOT web site programmers.

Our style and  approach to Internet home pages is based on the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Simple but effective. We do not believe and support the use of extensive FLASH technology.

We believe your pages should be short and contain sufficient information to effectively communicate with your visitors, In addition, your site pages should make it easy for viewers to contact you and to obtain more information promptly. We do NOT support "hiding" behind an Internet domain name page.

A NewsRoom is a major component of building Site presence. If you don't already have a NewsRoom - what's that?, create one now - it will really help.   create - order your NewsRoom  -- view video what's a NewsRoom

Our main product and services are to: 

  • make sure that your site is found by those you want to have find it
  • make your News available to those you want to have view it
  • make it easy to contact you for additional information
  • make clients have a favorable memory of your company, your serves and you
our experienced staff will ...
  • Review & analyze your site's structure
  • Make a detailed plan to improve it's performance
  • Establish your Internet web presence more info
  • Develop your NewsRoom - What's a NewsRoom? more
  • List in  telUSA directory more info
  • Publish WhoWhatWhereWhy NewsFlash more
  • Setup your email and BLOG accounts example
  • Establish a .tel  domain for you more info
  • Consult best practices for "branding" what's that
  • Host your domain names -- and a lot more !
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