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branding is about making memories that last  
and that come back to you as opportunities
A few years ago, a young advertising executive defined for me "branding" as a memory peg that someone has about your company and your services long after they last used your company or your services.

Being in the incoming tourist business in the Baltic State of Latvia, I thought long and hard about what image we had been trying hard to project since our founding in 1991 and that I wanted our customers to have about our services.

... your friend in the Baltics !

We started using the formal tag line in about 2003, and placed it everywhere on our Internet sites, our forms and at the bottoms of our emails. Soon, people started signing their emails you us ... your friend in XXX.

Yesterday, within ten minutes of each other, two people came in the office for advise. One had been a client 10 years ago and the other 8 years ago. This morning we received an email from a person that had been a client in 1996, asking about purchasing some of our new Linen products.

Branding is all about creating that image in the clients mind that they want to do business with you again. Its about having a client refer you to their friends or colleagues.  Branding is also about setting yourself different from your competition whether that be another person or company - make it clear why someone should work with you, for you or purchase your products and services. It's FREE advertising! 

Branding is about smart good business. 

Our services are based on over ten (10) years of success in developing PRESENCE programs for web sites. We are NOT web site programmers.

Our style and  approach to Internet home pages is based on the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Simple but effective. 

A NewsRoom is a major component of building site Presence and Branding. If you don't already have a NewsRoom - what's that?, create one now - it will really help.   create - order your NewsRoom  -- view video what's a NewsRoom

Our main product and services are to: 

  • make sure that your site is found by those you want to have find it
  • make your News available to those you want to have view it
  • make it easy to contact you for additional information
  • make clients have a favorable memory of your company, your serves and you

Branding and site Presence is also assisted by the use of Social Media tools like Face Book, LinkedIn, dot tel domains, BLOGs, iReport, YouTube videos, photo albums and slideshows, Twitter, etc.  We encourage and actively use all these modern tools in our Branding efforts for you - part of our overall Wickabell analysis.

our experienced staff will ...
  • Review & analyze your site's structure
  • Make a detailed plan to improve it's presence
  • List you in our WhoWhatWhereWhy Directory more info
  • Establish your Internet presence
  • Develop a NewsRoom for your organization more info
  • Setup your email and BLOG accounts example
  • Establish a .tel  domain for you more info
  • Consult about best practices for "branding"
  • Host your domain names -- and a lot more !
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