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The world economy is in a crisis and hundreds of millions of US Dollars are flowing to try and stabilize and "jump-start" a recovery. Thousands of new business should be started over then next 24 months offering employment to many of the current unemployed. 

Our Service Products have been designed, tested and selected to assist these new businesses to focus on their core companies by providing solutions to their Internet Site Presence, visibility and availability of their Press Releases and other news to their clients, prospective employees, investors, suppliers and the like.

We need to find new and creative ways of rising to the challenges that confront us.  

We - Michael Arthur Johnson Company - believe that the "Master Reset Button" of the world has been pushed and it is time to get back to basics and anticipate  needs of the customers in the coming months and years and find new solutions in innovative service products to provide to the customers building their new companies as we move together out of this economic crisis.  more

We also believe in finding and promoting new ways of communicating to take full advantage of the new technologies and Social Media services available to us today

Our offering of Service Products listed below are based on our 40+ years of Creating Customer Delight Worldwide by anticipating the need of the customer and providing useful solutions before they ask for it.  more

Our Name-Bank Service products include:
  • Packaged training programs for Customer Service more info
  • Learning programs for Personal development
  • Learning tools to teach Six Sigma Statistical Control Charting techniques  more info
  • Introduction to Dr. W. Edwards Deming's teachings on management of systems  more info


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Lessons from the 1950's - The World Has been RESET and we need to re-think how we approach and do business and live our lives.


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The world is in an economic crisis that may prove to be as or more serious than the 1930's. Businesses are closing; people are out of work as jobs just go away; banks are in trouble; people are losing their homes; credit is gone and peoples lives are in ruins compared to what they had expected. Europe and Asia are experiencing much the same as the USA and no one believes that it will ever return to how it was when the good times rolled.

Look at Japan at the end of World War II, look at their situation, their condition, their despair.

Maybe there is a lesson in history after all?

After World War II, they invited Dr. W. Edwards Deming to come and teach them about Quality and he did. One after one, Japan's new companies started taking market share from their German and USA competitors - Sony, Panasonic, Honda, Toyota, and on and on the list grew.

OK, so maybe Japan is in hardship again and their social fabric strained. But, my bet is that it will recover and perhaps those in the USA and Europe should pay some attention to the teachings of D. W Edwards Deming and his 14 Principles of Management (14 Points).

Our product The Red Bead Experiment (The Bead Box Game) was developed for Dr. Deming in March 1982. It was used extensively by Dr. Deming until his death in 1994 to teach the fundamentals of his beliefs to managers, companies, organizations and governments worldwide.

The Red Bead Experiment is now still available some 26 years after it's creation.

Get started now and learn about Dr. Deming's ideas. Our 35 minute DVD is available on Amazon.com and is a great way to get started.


New Ways of Communicating  more info

FREE Advertising - Branding - Look at What Social Media Can do for you

For example, a young college graduate, Al Biedrzycki, looking for a job, created a Singing Resume and put it on YouTube and iReport and announced it using Twitter.

What do you know, CNN picks it up and gives him a full play on CNN with a 3 minute interview.

What was that worth - BIG $$$$$$ maybe as much as $25,000

Not bad for a little creative effort



We need to be more proactive and to find ways to Make IT Happen - not spending time discussing ways and reasons WHY something won't work - It can Happen - see the results list below:

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The Legend of Walter Cronkite  more info 
The Most Trusted Man in America - a true master of communication

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